Visual Art and Curation

Hydrosomatic Experiences

Hydrosomatic* Experiences is a sublime, collective art research endeavour that delves into the intimate and personal relationships that exist between humanity and the element of water. It embodies a synergistic interplay of diverse mediums that engage with and touch upon the subject of water.

As a curator and artist, I am proud to present a bespoke international assembly of visionary artists whose works embody the manifestation of their personal and collective experiences with water. This exhibition, hosted at the Naval Store in Fremantle, represents a journey of introspection and contemplation, inviting the community to immerse themselves in the narratives that this project has woven.

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Body Found

A photo-series that attempted to visualise the beatiful book pf prose and poems ‘Body Found’ by sisters Josephine and Regina Gunapranata. Exhibit as part of launch of the book at 0fr Copenhagen.  More about the book here


Oxytocin - a print about touch and the longing for skin. Skinhunger. 

Helig Onani

Artwork created in collaboration with Sofi Hellberg-Olsson about Onani for Papercut Issues, DK. Projection mapping and photography about the biblical figure Onan and the origin of onani (masturbation) that was sentenced to death for his sin of pleasure outside marriage
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In the art world ‘we’, as artists, often gain ‘inspiration’ by eachother and often neglects to credit this ‘inspiration’. Is this due to theft? Plagiarism? Or simply a notion of not knowing how to credit the artists of whom you found inspiration. In music we have the notion of ‘covers’ an artistic form where you acknowledge the artist behind the original artwork, but when it comes to visual art we do not have the same artform. We have ‘interpretations’ and ‘homage’ to artists/artwork but this concept is different and is also playing with plagiarism, cause when does the artwork really become unique and original? In this project we are completely transparent in what artwork we steal and have engaged the original artist (as much as possible, death stops us in some works).
Founder and Curator of art project Cryptomnesia that explores topices of plagiarism and authenticity of the visual arts.
Picture to the left artistic interpretation/ cryptomnesia of Paloma Wool and Tana La Torre’s work that takes inspiration of Matisse.


Work about the origins of aphrodite and the rock scuplture, investigating the road to sensuality and eroticism. Published in Visual Cortex.