My background as a filmmaker has allowed my design process to be very research driven and with an emphasis on inclusivity. This is where I first discovered the intersection between social justice and design and realised that it is a place where I thrive and excel. I discovered that the film format was limited and wanted to discover more ways of being interdisciplinary.

This work really taught me the importance of creative approaches to complex stories but also that the immense impact it can have on and for others, thus the analysis and research on both subject and implementation is of top priority.

01 Documentary Film

     Director & Producer - 2018I Am A Boxer- a short documentary about identity, migration and boxing.

Director & Producer 2015 Kampiringisa; a childhood behind bars - a docmentary film about a structural system that puts innocent children in prison.


02  Commercial Film and Music Video

Director & Producer 2022 Short film format for the Fulcrum Agency including series around lessons learned and the process around how our projects created impact.

Boornarak, 2021 - Reciprocal Frames and Camps on Country. 

Episode 1 - Nick Juniper and Social Return on Design Investment

Episode 2 - Heather MacRae and Anindilyakwa Housing Guidelines