Creative Strategy and Systems Thinking

My work as a design strategist manage to combine all my previous experiences in a way that enables an empathetic, inclusive and research driven approach. I find my self in the intersection of using my creative and my design thinking methodologies and skillsets. My experience at the Fulcrum Agency has allowed me to further these skills into the built environment but also to enable the practice to do work within Digital Engagement and Public Art.  

Naval Store Arts Organisation


My role as the Creative Strategist for Naval Store and Enkel Collective included creating a precedent study, an innovative strategy for the initial years of the organisation, benchmarking and competitive analysis. 


My role as a Design Strategist for the first Cultural Infrastructure Strategy for the City of Melville included conducting primary and secondary research, facilitating workshops with children and, Whadjuk Reference Group and multicultural groups to bring a conclusive and inclusive voice to the strategy. This work also included:  Identification of current and future trends,best practice and standards and guidelines within the arts & cultural industry
Study of the diverse populations that make up the City of Melville, including Aboriginal, Chinese and South-East Asian communities
Analysis of the hierarchy and relationship between cultural facilities within the City of Melville, regional and state systems
Study of current population and projected growth rate and study of demographics related to age and cultural interest

“Culture for everyone, everywhere”

Cultural Infrastructure Strategy

The Melville Cultural Infrastructure Strategy supports and augments the creative vision of the City by creating a framework for the enhancement of cultural infrastructure that it can most directly influence and direct. 
The MCIS offers a generational opportunity to redefine Melville as a future-focused city for everyone. The Strategy builds on the city’s strengths within a framework that celebrates ‘hyper-local’ neighbourhoods with a thriving city centre – the blueprint for most great cities around the world! When the Strategy has been implemented Melville will become a place where cultural activity and engagement thrives at all scales –
from local, community-based initiatives through to national and international events. Arts and culture – from professional performance through to weekend hobbies – provide a platform for people to unite, heal, share, generate income, and expand experience. By implementing this Strategy, the City will have a unique and recognisable cultural identity beloved by its residents and embraced warmly by visitors.
As MJ Elson notes, ‘spaces for culture and the arts play a vital role in social and economic regeneration.’  Never is this sentiment more relevant than now as cities and communities seek to adjust and redefine themselves optimistically in a post-pandemic world.

Midtown Public Art Strategy


My role as the Art Strategis included work in collaboration with cultural advisor Leanne Mulgo Watson to develop a curatorial response and Public Art Strategy. This included developing principles, opportunities and the work was informed by NSW Connecting to Country Framework. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


We created a CSR-Strategy with a creative commons attribute in order for it to be implemented by more than one company. The brief was for tech company Electric Friends but the scope grew as we worked upon it and could reach an agreement with the client that this was bigger than just for them

Creative Strategist

My role was a foundation for the strategy with a prior knowledge in CSR I could now implement and work on the User Experience of this handbook. How could we make a document that anyone could use? A step by step guide with the overarching goal to become “futureproof”. This is one of my favorite projects implementing social justice into design and enabling a broader audience to engage through inventive design and just a more inclusive language than many pre-existing academic CSR-Models.