Art Direction and Digital Design

My work as a designer and creative is a very iterative process. I like to work closely with both the strategists and designers. When I work in this role I work as the bridge and the interdisciplinary that I am. I want to encourage as much creative freedom as possible within the design team but also stay focused on the strategy and research backing up our decisions.



My role was initially as an Art Director and Designer  with which I delivered this brand book, visual identity, logo and website. I later became one of the co-founders of the space. 


Cass Doy

I assisted talented creative producer Cass Doy with a new visual identity and website. See website ︎︎︎


Ordfront Publishing House

My role as a creative director in this project included facilitating a design sprint with stakeholders within the company and from that align and work creatively with copywriters and designers to create a brand book. The work resulted in stronger cohesion and alignment within the publishing house. 

“We really loved the work that you did and it enabled clarity and alignment in a divided team”

Jenny Bjarnar, Head of Marketing


Action For Society

My role as an Art Director included leading a multidisciplinary team and align strategists and designers. The result was a communication strategy that enabled the organisation to create community and resillience around the brand. 


Everyday Brasil

My role as Creative Director was to translate the values of Everyday Brasil, an organisation that wants to destroy stereotypes through imagery and reclame the gaze portraying Brazil, into a new brand identity with a full rebrand of website, social media and brand story. 


“I love how you managed to pinpoint our values and manifesto and create an internal alignment in that and then translate it into an amazing creative output aswell”

- Livia Bitetti, co-founder Everyday Brasil

Dionysos Studio

Dionysos Croquis is a series of life drawing events that provide an open space, free of prejudice and sexist ideas of the body. It is a place where the body is included as a piece of art to further the discussions about gender, body positivity, art and design.


Founder and Creative Director

Together with Kasia Sznajder, we as a creative duo have worked on this project for over 2 years. It has initiated the discussion, provided us with tools how to work with both design and challenging the norm.

I have had a focus on concept development- finding themes that align with our values and framework - to not fall into stereotypes but also the visual output of the whole project.

Poster Design
Concept Design